Expedited Record Clearance Update

Expedited Record Clearance Update

After you have had your criminal record expunged, sealed, set aside or otherwise cleared by the court, private background check companies may still be reporting your criminal record to potential employers or landlords. To help solve this problem, BackgroundRemoval.com has formed an exclusive partnership with RemovePersonalInformation.com to help clear criminal records from over 650 private background check companies.

Why is this necessary?

While clearing your record at the court is a necessary first step towards ensuring your record no longer appears on a background check, private background check companies do not regularly update their information after they originally receive it from the court. These companies are not legally required to update their databases on any specific schedule. However, if they are notified that the court has expunged, sealed, or otherwise updated the case, they are required to update their information in a timely manner. Unless this proactive step is taken to request they update their information, it could take months or even years for the information to be updated or removed. Our Expedited Record Clearance Update helps ensure that outdated and damaging information will not show up on background checks performed by private companies.

The Expedited Record Clearance Update (ERCU) service will dramatically speed up the process of having your criminal record updated or removed from over 650 private background check companies that are commonly used by employers, landlords, and financial and educational institutions. This is the best way to update the most companies in one single step to ensure that your record has been updated to accurately reflect the court’s order.

Expedited Record Clearance Update includes:

  • Expedited update and/or removal from over 650 private background check companies, such as BackgroundChecks.com and Experian.
  • Free criminal background check from BackgroundChecks.com (Normally $39.95).
  • Sample dispute letter and informational guide on how to dispute the results when a background check has reported inaccurate information on your case.
  • $250 credit towards any legal action Higbee & Associates takes on your behalf against a potential employer, who wrongfully discriminates against you, or against a background check company that unlawfully distributes outdated information about you.