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Expunging a Felony

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Expunging a Felony Offense

For individuals with a felony on their record, it can often feel like there is no hope of moving forward and putting that mistake in the past. However, what most people don’t realize is that a clean slate may be possible. A felony expungement may be an option that would provide the fresh start that is necessary to fully move forward and leave a felony behind. Felony expungement is the legal process through which one can clear a felony from their criminal record.

Ways a Felony Can Affect Your Life

The stigma that comes with a felony conviction is a real obstacle when trying to completely reintegrate back into society. This is because a criminal background check is required when trying to do just about anything to improve the quality of one’s life. Many state legislatures have recognized the hardships that former offenders continue to face for years after being convicted of a felony and most states have enacted laws that lessen the burden on these individuals by allowing the case to be cleared from their record through expungement.

Who Can Expunge a Felony?

Not everyone with a felony conviction will be eligible to clear his or her record; however, many states allow for the expungement of some felony offenses, especially if there is only one conviction on his or her criminal record. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible to expunge your felony is to take this free online expungement eligibility test.

The requirements that must be satisfied in order to have an offense expunged differ from state to state. However certain things, such as only having one arrest, successfully completing your sentence and showing signs of rehabilitation in the time since the conviction, will make the expungement more likely to be granted. In most states, very serious felony convictions, such as murder, manslaughter, rape, other sex crimes and crimes against minors, may never be eligible for an expungement. However, many less serious, nonviolent felonies will be eligible after satisfying other criteria set forth in the state’s expungement statute.

Benefits of Felony Expungement

Removing the felony from your record can provide countless benefits. If you have a felony conviction, you are probably already aware of the various ways your record is holding you back. A felony makes tasks like finding a job, going back to school, securing a loan, or purchasing a home seem like impossible undertakings. You may have given up hope on ever being able to accomplish those things, but expunging your felony could be a way to make all those dreams possible again.

The level of relief that can be granted under the expungement laws of each state varies. Some states allow you to completely expunge or destroy criminal records, while other state laws may provide that only the conviction itself may be set aside or dismissed but the record of the arrest would remain. Regardless of the level of relief provided, any steps you can take towards lessening the negative effects of a felony conviction can be hugely beneficial. You can find more felony expungement information specific to the state that you have your conviction in by choosing your state from our states page.

How to Request a Felony Expungement

The process for expunging a felony charge and/or conviction also varies state to state but will typically require filing a petition with the court that originally heard your case. The district attorney or prosecutor’s office must also be notified of your request. They will first confirm you are eligible for expungement under the statute and then file any opposition to the petition that they deem appropriate. The court will often schedule a hearing for the judge to hear from both sides and make a decision on the expungement request.

How We Can Help

Hiring an attorney to petition the court to have a felony cleared off of your record means that you can relax, with the knowledge that you have someone familiar with the process working to get you the maximum amount of relief. Our firm has handled thousands of criminal record expungements. The first step is to find out if you are eligible under the current laws in your state, to do so please take our free online eligibility test.